Optimized wavelength for podiatry (1064nm)

1064nm wavelength of S30 PODYLAS™ is optimized to ensure the destruction of nail fungus without damaging the surrounding tissue. Of all the laser wavelengths existing today, 1064nm is the one which has shown greater effectiveness and safety in the treatment of onychomychosis. Thanks to the greater absorption of 1064nm by water and oxyhemoglobin, laser energy penetrates deeply into tissue with less physical competition, as plenty of international publications guarantee.

Power to ensure the destruction of nail fungus

Lasers for onychomychosis must be powerfull to be effective and so it is S30 PODYLAS™. INTERmedic’s laser platform reaches 50W of power energy, the required density to ensure effective treatments as shown in several clinical studies.

Pulse width suitable for painless treatments

Thanks to its high power S30 PODYLAS™ guarantees painless treatments without side effects. The system allows to apply width pulses short enough to ensure at the same time, effectiveness of treatment and safe comfortable procedures.

Spot FLAT TOP to reach deepest layers of tissue and avoids recurrence

S30 PODYLAS ™ has a spot specially designed to reach the nail bed effectively spreading energy to greater depth without risk of recurrence or side effectss.

Upgradeable platform

S30 PODYLAS™ grows with your practice, adapting to your patients’ treatment needs. The platform can be customized with new treatment options, new software and new accessories so that you always have a versatile and fully updated tool.

IRLLLT and RLLLT for anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative effects

S30 PODYLAS™ enables you to offer your patients new and revolutionary treatments, such as the Infrared Low Level Laser Therapy (IRLLLT) and the Low Level Laser Therapy (RLLLT).

      • IRLLLT: Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative effect. Post-surgical of hallux valgus, Plantar Fasciitis, tendinitis aquilea and metatarsalgia.
      • RLLLT (633nm): Regenerative effect. It accelerates the process of recovery from ulcers and burns.

Without consumables

INTERmedic’s laser platform for podiatry does not commit you to regularly spend on consumables.

International certifications

INTERmedic’s laser systems are CE, Santé Canada and FDA certified.

Developed and manufactured in Europe

At INTERmedic we are experts in new medical technologies and we are at your disposal to give you advise. We offer you the confidence of pioneer laser company in Spain, with 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high power laser systems for different medical specialties.

INTERmedic customer service puts at your disposal a team of professionals always at the service of the client.
Barcelona: + 34 902 25 45 45

Madrid: + 34 91 706 52 07

Continuous training

We organize courses and periodic workshops to publicize the multi-application laser platform for podiatry S30 PODYLAS among podiatrists from across Spain. See the updated events calendar and book your place here.