Tudela welcomes users of podiatry laser S30 PODYLAS™ to a meeting

A group of podiatrists from the Basque Country and Navarra attended a new meeting of f INTERmedic’s S30 PODYLAS™ laser users, held in Tudela (Navarra) in mid-January 2015 with the support of Nefher Medic Group.

 The meeting, organized in the Centro Médico Estético Blasco, invited some experienced speakers that made a review of the use and applications of INTERmedic’s 1064nm multiapplications laser.

Spanish podiatrist Elizabeth Tió, from the Centre Podològic Antem in Barcelona, offered an update about treatment protocols for onychomycosis with 1064nm laser. The meeting was attended as well by Spanish dermatologist Dr. Vázquez Doval, who spoke about the use and applications of dermatoscopy on podiatry and also, surgeon Dr. Juan Blasco, that reviewed the basic concepts and features of laser, anesthetics procedures and applications of laser in podiatric surgery.

Life treatments with patients

In addition to theory, the meeting also had a practical part, in which the assistants had the opportunity to see live treatments of warts and fibromas with the S30 PODYLAS ™ laser. A new well tolerated method of application for anesthesia in the plant of the foot was also performed. Attendees could also see how dermatoscopes can be used in podiatry.

S30 PODYLAS™ Users Meeting- North of Spain

17th January 2015

Centro Médico Estético Blasco

Centra Av. s/n

31500 Tudela (Navarra – Spain)

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