Great interest in the S30 PODYLAS™ laser at the XXI Scientific Podiatry Meeting in Barcelona

INTERmedic’s S30 PODYLAS™  laser has been one of the outstanding technologies for the care of the feet in the XXI Scientific Podiatry Meeting in Barcelona (Spain). The event, celebrated on April 17th-18th in Barcelona’s World Trade Center, assembled a bin number of Catalan podiatrists to share knowledge and professional experiences to advance towards state-of-the-art podiatry.

Seminar with experts in laser and podiatry

During the meeting, five podiatrists experts in INTERmedic’s 1064nm laser took part in a round table to speak and to share knowledge and clinical cases treated of onychomycosis, plantar warts, helomas and low level laser therapy (LLLT) with this technology. Podiatrists Elizabeth Tió (Antem Podiatry Center), Fernado Prieto and David Marín (DyN Podiatry Clinic) presented the excellent results obtained with patients treated of nail fungus in their clinics. Maribel Castro, podiatrist the Centre-Maribel Castro Podiatry Clinic also presented good results in treatment of plantar warts and helomas. Lluís Castillo and Dr. Antonio J. Zalacain Vicuña completed the debate table.

Toast for excellence in foot care

The hundreds of podiatrists who visited the booth of INTERmedic and its partner Catalana de Podologia had the opportunity to discover the versatility of the S30 PODYLAS™, a laser system indicated not only for the treatment of onychomycosis, but also for plantar, LLLT, podiatric surgery and others applications.

INTERmedic made a toast to excellence in foot care with the laser S30 PODYLAS ™, inviting to a wine-cellar glass all the podiatrists who attended the meeting.


XXI Scientific Podiatry Symposia

17th-18th April 2015

World Trade Center

East Building – Moll de Barcelona s/n 1st floor

08039 Barcelone (Spain)

Booth: 25-26-31-32