Excellent results in the treatment of onychomycosis and plantar warts with laser S30 PODYLAS ™ in the INTERmedic Magazine

Here you have the link to a new issuu of the INTERmedic Magazine-Podiatry that presents an album of clinical cases treated with INTERmedic’s S30 PODYLAS™  laser. The results with onychomycosis and plantar warts are more than satisfactory. Podiatrists Fernando Prieto and David Marín of the DyN Podiatry Clinic, Elizabeth Tió of the Antem Podiatry Center and Maribel Castro of the Centre-Maribel Castro Clinic, all of them from Barcelona, share with all the readers a selection of before and after images of their patients treated with S30 PODYLAS™. We invite you to leaf through it, to share it and to comment on it!